C for Cafreal!!

Some of you may be like whats that?!..I had the same thought too till some months back. So I was getting prepared for my all awaited Goa trip and had checked online for Goan dishes that I should not miss. Mind you this was not the first time I was going to Goa, but i decided to do some research this time. Vindaloo, xacuti ,recheado,ambotik masalas were familiar to me already but cafreal seemed something totally new to me. Hence I decided to try it without fail this time when I visited Goa.

And finally it was time,Our Goan trip was fabulous, we stayed mostly in South Goa (Varca) , the stay was wonderful and I must say South Goan beaches are anytime more peaceful and serene when compared to the chaotic North Goan beaches. One day we planned to have lunch at the famous shack Johncy in Benaulim beach and I grabbed the chance to try Chicken Cafreal there. The dish was green in color with big chicken leg pieces, semi gravy with some delicious boiled potatoes and tomatoes. It was served with french fries and some mayo. The dish was little spicy although not very spicy.The coriander taste was quite prominent in it. I really liked the taste of the green masala!

Cafreal is thought to have originated from Portuguese colonies in Africa. Its got added into Goan cuisine by the Portuguese when they arrived in Goa. These days you even get to buy ready to cook packets for all Goan masalas. Go try out cafreal masala atleast once whenever you get the chance to buy it or even better,whenever you visit Goa next.

Special call-out to 2 of my favourite restaurants in Goa – The Fishermans Wharf and Martins Corner!!

Now that we discussed a Portuguese origin dish, we might as well end with the popular Portuguese goan folk song-

💃💃💃O Maria pita che, O Maria pita che
O Maria pita che, hey O Maria pita che!!💃💃💃

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