R for Rasam!!

What use calling oneself South Indian if one doesnt love Rasam?! Rasam exists in different forms in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana etc etc so lets not even get into the debate of which state it originated from!! Also I don't understand people who call Rasam a soup because for me its always... Continue Reading →

Q for Quiche!!

Okay, the wonderful BlogchatterA2Z challenge ended in April and as usual I could not keep up due to my other work commitments, but now that I am here I decided to just continue with the flow... Q is difficult alphabet ..infact i once read a very funny comment somewhere that 'Q has been given way... Continue Reading →

P for Paneer!!

Okay I know Paneer does not qualify as a dish on its own as its more of a raw material...however my love for paneer is pure, eternal, indescribable and infinite and it would just so very unfair if i dont dedicate P post to Paneer! Yes this is the one dish in this world that... Continue Reading →

O for Orotti!

So I am lagging behind in the BlogchatterA2Z challenge but I still thought of playing some catchup...hey coz its not over till the very end right?! Today I introduce to you the humble orotti, a dish that I initially thought my mom invented and named on her own until many years later when I came... Continue Reading →

N for Nasi goreng!

Yes till a few years back I had no idea about the existence of something called nasi goreng. I was introduced to this dish in a South East Asian cuisine restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised by it. So basically Nasi Goreng means fried rice in Indonesian. It is mostly fried rice cooked with some... Continue Reading →

M for Misal pav!

M for misal pav and M for Maharashtra! Every maharashtrian is familiar with misal pav...basically its the jodi of misal(which is the curry) and pav(which is the bread). So misal basically comprises of usal and the tarri/rassa.Usal is the sprouted lentils, tarri/rassa is the spicy gravy...while serving misal pav,chopped onion, tomatoes,farsan,shev,lemon juice are all mixed... Continue Reading →

L for Loacker!!

This is a bit different for me as instead of a dish or food item,I am talking about a specific brand of food item, as I have been in love with Loacker wafers since my childhood! Mind you Loacker is not paying me for this post! I have tasted way too many wafers in my... Continue Reading →

K for Kaju katli!!

Let me start by saying I dont even have a sweet tooth(although my appearance would make one question that)...but hey for the love of all things namkeen, I belong to the salt gang!But then there are exceptions and here goes mine! Kaju katli as the name goes is a sweet dish made primarily of cashew(kaju)... Continue Reading →

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