My list of ‘should-have’ Amazon (India) products!

This list is random AF! I have just thrown in home utility/personal grooming products just all together,like i said very random,but then they all been seriously very useful to me in the past 1-2 years hence thought of sharing incase any of you are interested and have been waiting to get your hands on... Continue Reading →

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My heart has been paining since the time i heard about the Cusat tech fest mind goes back to my own college days in tvm- cultural fest, tech fest...there would always be some celebrity performance on the last day.. the more prominent or famous the college is, the bigger the celebrity would all... Continue Reading →

Life as we know it

I remember this day exactly 1 year back...Aug 19th 2021...we hurriedly took my father to the hospital as his O2 was getting very low. By the time we reached the casuality he was slowly slipping from consciousness and they immediately attended to him. I could see him plugged to various machines and tubes and I... Continue Reading →

Book review – Manan

So I recently got my hands on this book titled Manan written by Yasmin Sait. I was too curious what the title meant and I must say that by the end of the book I realised what an apt title it is. So Manan means to Meditate or Think or Concentrate.And thats exactly what the... Continue Reading →


Its all based on their convenience.... They twist the words to suit their conscience No religion preaches violence No God approves bloodshed and malice Yet man puts all the blame on his faith To justify the mindless carnage and death When will these atrocities end and till when will we condone? When will they learn... Continue Reading →

R for Rasam!!

What use calling oneself South Indian if one doesnt love Rasam?! Rasam exists in different forms in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana etc etc so lets not even get into the debate of which state it originated from!! Also I don't understand people who call Rasam a soup because for me its always... Continue Reading →

Q for Quiche!!

Okay, the wonderful BlogchatterA2Z challenge ended in April and as usual I could not keep up due to my other work commitments, but now that I am here I decided to just continue with the flow... Q is difficult alphabet ..infact i once read a very funny comment somewhere that 'Q has been given way... Continue Reading →

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