L for Loacker!!

This is a bit different for me as instead of a dish or food item,I am talking about a specific brand of food item, as I have been in love with Loacker wafers since my childhood!

Mind you Loacker is not paying me for this post! I have tasted way too many wafers in my life but nothing comes close to the Loacker ones. Loacker company originated in Italy and is famous for its wafers and chocolates. The company is passed on since 3 generations and is now looked after by the 3 grandsons. The reason I love these wafers is because I love hazelnut flavour itself and Loacker wafers were primarily the hazelnut flavoured ones (also called Napolitaner).

I left the middle east back in 1998 and if you asked me what is one thing I missed the most about my gulf life then, I would say its the Loacker wafers. I couldn’t find it in India for many years except in duty free shops or else I would need to wait for my cousins and relatives to come for a visit from abroad…..until few years back when Loacker started distribution in India too. I was thrilled to know it and more than anything I was happy that now those in India could also try my all time favourite wafers in the world! Isn’t it great to see so many people getting introduced to some thing you’ve already loved for years?!

I have literally seen the brand grow.. initially they had just the long classic wafers in the original hazelnut flavour (in that typical red packaging), chocolate (navy blue packaging) and dark chocolate(dark brown packaging), after that they introduced loads more flavours.Also the world famous bite sized wafer pack called quadratini!! I like both the original and dark chocolate (but obviously) variants! Now they have cappuccino,vanilla, espresso,tiramisu, coconut and god knows what all flavours but nothing beats the original one (Napolitaner)

If you havent yet ever tried, you must-

Quadratini – Try the dark chocolate one and original flavour !!

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