Yes…i am alive….n btw it Day 6

hmmm..ya so i disappeared....:) tats wat i do all the time...every new blog i start..i am not able to keep up with it...ya so i m sorry dear blog 🙂 Well new girl has been upset...its a new new surroundings...and now on day 6 at office is wen i really feel it....Thats when... Continue Reading →

Day 4- assigned to Project

yay so i finally got a project!!!!!! ya for IT ppl it is a veryyyyyy big thing coz that project is gona decide the very existence of my life in the next few years..... so technically things start tomm and tomm is a friday , friday is not a very gud day to start stuff... Continue Reading →

Day 3 hmmmmm….

Have i told u the size of the mosquitoes in Kochi? No?! Well they are the size of elephants and NO i m not exaggerating. They scared the living daylights out of me! and since then the 'Gud Knight' machine is now running 24/7 in my room... And the heat- its bad but i have... Continue Reading →

Day 2 Getting used to..

hello peeps, you thot i wudnt be back rite? u r wrong although i thot so too...but i am back! not becoz i have juicy stuff to say but my ego just wudnt let me sleep without making this entry..... Today i went to my new office, submitted som docs and stuff and tomorrow is... Continue Reading →

New girl has arrived!

Yes the most weirdest thing I could possibly do is this- To start a blog about the dilemmas in my life 🙁 So like how they say in IT companies, let me set the context- I moved to Kochi !!!!(and imagine me saying this in the same way that kid in Karate Kid said- 'WE... Continue Reading →

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