514 days!!

No!! Tats NOT a name of any new upcoming movie!

So ya basically i started this blog to track my life changes since i moved to the new city for my new job (which made me new girl!Duh!!)…and sumwhere down the line this blog sought off forgot this sole purpose and became about everything else πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No!! I m not complaining…i love sharing my senseless poems, pics, quotes,my views etc etc here but the truth is i have completed 514 days today in this new city and in my new job!!!Yay!!…(i think its tym to change my blogname to ‘oldgirlinoldcity’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) And No!! I didnt manually calculate that…yup, there is an app for everything these days! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But hey…which also makes this blog of mine 514 days old!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My journey here so far has been full of ups and downs…and frankly speaking there is a lot of Kochi i haven’t yet seen…! I will definitely try to travel more within the city…mostly these days its just work on weekdays and i go home on weekends (native place).Life is just going on..on and on…😊

Once again a big shout out to my loyal followers here (esp those that have followed me from the very start!)…Thank u n love all the interactions!…😘 Like this dialog i heared in the movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna- 

Ajnabiyon ki baat sunn leni chahiye … kabhi kabhi ajnabi apno se zyada jaante hain!

Last Day of the year

There you arrive again, 
And once again I am left thinking the past!
How you passed away…sometimes quiet othertimes not,
A lot we expected…a lot unexpected happened,
A lot we assumed…a lot unpredictable occured,
New friends we made….few old hearts we broke,
Few of those dear passed away leaving a void,
But nonetheless no regrets,
All said n done…its tym to adieu u goodbye..
New hopes, new wishes, new year! 
Wishing u love, luck and joy,
-Not so New girl!

Tadaaa..n tats 1 yr for the New gal in her New city!

Yep…the first anniversary of this blog is soon approaching πŸ˜ƒPhew! One whole yr since I moved to Kochi…for my New job n started this blog as I became New girl in this New city!

I wud like to thank my 60+ followers…for following my blog n liking my posts n sending ur comments 😊 A lot of ppl dont actually know wat this blog is all about…so ya…a small recap…

I started this blog the day I moved to this beautiful city of Kochi for my new job. Previously I was in Maharashtra which is where i did most of my schooling too.So basically although i m a hard core Mallu at heart…i was entirely new to Kochi. I had heard loads about this city before i stepped foot on it.It is the cultural capital of Kerala n indeed very pretty,lively city with a lot of vibrant young ppl n atmosphere.i cant say i have fallen in love vit this city n my new life…coz tat wud b a lie.But i am learning n experiencing new stuff which will each turn into a cherished memory.i have tried to make as many frnds as possible.Have visited most of the important landmarks in the city.Plus what i really like here is the people…they involve n connect vit u emotionally…be it my colleagues or managers or frnds…i think i hav a personal equation vit everyone i know here.So this blog was started to track my life here as time progresses….

Careerwise i think i m progressing coz i m learning new interesting stuff these days.Personal life is the same n no major changes in it…i m kind of still coming out of the shell here..so i am really grateful to my frnds here who hav intentionally or unintentionally helped me.

And before i leave i wud like to share the below one of my fav posts tat i came across online-

New Girl is no longer new!

Yep tats right…its been almost a yr (10 months precisely) since new girl moved to this new city for her new job.

The funniest thing is I still feel very very new here 😁! The good thing is that my work is gud n my colleagues are genuinely nice 😊.The sad thing is that i still miss my old city n my besties πŸ™. The great thing is that unlike the last 5 yrs or so of my life, i get to meet my parents weekly 😊 and the troubling thing is that all they hav to talk about when they see me is ‘when are u gona get married?’πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‘

And the best thing is that unlike all my earlier blog attempts i havent deleted or deactivated this blog πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚ (although i agree i havent been very active here)

But i shall make amends and i will not give up! 😊


Its been exactly 3 months and a fortnight since I moved here bag and baggage!
Ppl ask me- hows the new place, hows the new job and how are the new frnds??..
The thing is…….none of it has sunk in yet, i think i am in a state of denial!
it never happens to me…i am a person who accepts new challenges and like to permanently settle down with sumthing, atleast for a long duration- be it a job change, a place change or watever- yet this tym sumhow it feels very very temporary..hence the state of denial..
Maybe its the state of my mind…maybe its what i really want…to not make this permanent..but to make it temporary..then again i dont know why i wud want that..
its not like i have some plan in mind….but i strongly feel sumthing is coming…mayb gud or mayb bad…

ok i am beginning to sound crazy! Β Tata!


One month down!!

No I havent decided to stop blogging…atleast not yet!
So new girl has been in the new city for about a month now…things are getting better…since I know more ppl at office…also I m kind of getting used to the work culture here wich is comparatively a lil laid back!!

Yes one thing tat has become an indispensable part of my life now is train journey…yes every weekend I go home…wich is about 2.5 hrs from Kochi!

The last weekend’s train journey was really one of a kind…it was the first time I was scared n excited at the same time!

So like I was saying every friday I go home n since its a friday the trains are crowded like hell.So last friday the train was late by an hr..so naturally the crowd became more…and so wen the train finally arrived…everyone just madly rushed to it…!
I being a newbie didnt entirely know tat the boogie tat I was lined to get into was the ladies coach…No …obviously I m a lady so tat wasnt the issue but then the crowd was double for ladies coach…nd since the stop is only a 2 min stop…everyone just pushed in like crazy..nd I was literally standing at the tip of the entrance door of the compartment…there was no place to move in or I cudnt move out either since the train started off quickly…nd then I decided to just stay there…!!
So there I was at the pedestal of the train entrance holding onto the 2 poles on the sides of the door for support..
.And u wont imagine but for an entire hr …I was in tat position…!!
it was so breezy n so risky…esp wen the train was on bridges….one luk down at the river wud make me giddy…I literally felt like I was toying with death…I know it was a bad decision n it is so dangerous to stand at the door like tat…but I didnt know wat else to do!!In between I felt my hands go numb n wanted to stop holding the poles…but I wud lose my balance if
I did tat…… So phew I sighed wen I reached my station after 2 hrs….

Now u know y I called it one of a kind!

Cya n stay safe!

Day 13 at new office!

So like I said the other day,I almost lost the count of days….but then a very famous radiologist told me tat I shudnt forget the count since I was only getting started….! πŸ™‚
So on the 13th day at new office,I m finally allocated a system….ya…finally!
so workwise things are goin ok(mayb) …oh one major update in my life is I have started cooking…! YES I SWEAR I M NOT JOKING! just tat everything tastes just okayish…which is better than it being burnt!Even the tea I make has a different taste every day…u know I once read a word- which meant ‘the fear of serving bad tea to others’…well tats exactly wat I suffer from…shud remember tat word again…!

So the weekend was peaceful…although I had initially decided to explore a bit…but since my frnd(who like I told in my earlier blogs is my only frnd here),well she went to her native place in palakkad…so ya I was kind of alone….

But then…I went to this ayurveda hospital…Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala…in Thrikakkara,Kochi itself.the reason I went there was coz my mom is undergoing some treatment there for her leg pain.She is doing gud n the treatment consists of some sort of massages everyday with some medicinal oils which really helps reduce the leg swelling n pain.

So well I was so mesmerised by that place…it was a gud setup…nice gud rooms for ppl to stay,gud hospital campus,gud canteen,fullon greenery around…so peaceful!
I saw so many foreigners there…my mom was saying how young ppl too had come for the treatment and all.I have half a mind to go for it myself.

And then there in the midst of it all I saw a young guy..he luked 25-30ish…he luked all typical guyish vit track pants n cool hairstyle n all..I thot he was alone n may have come for som sort of treatment there…nd then after some time…I saw him walking arnd the campus with a frail luking lady on his side.I am assuming tats his mother…but the way he walked vit her touched my heart…it was almost like how some young couples walk hand in hand…he was even gesturing to some plants there n explaining stuff to her animatedly…she seemed so frail n weak…but so at content n peace vit her son…
its later I understood tat he has come as a bystander for her treatment there…well obviously I wudnt see him again in my life…but heres wishing his mom a speedy recovery n heres wishing him…all blessings to his gud soul.

That picture of him smiling n walking hand in hand vit her is etched in my memory! πŸ™‚

c u guys soon……b kind to ur elderly always!!

Day…(Well i have really lost the count now)

So approximately 2 weeks in Kochi πŸ™‚ well last couple of days i cudnt blog coz i had gone home..ya home as in my real home, my native place πŸ™‚ we have a humble home there and my parents now live there (ex NRIs) Β ! ya tats one gud thing about living in Kochi…my real home is 2 hrs away by train.

Speaking of train…i think i was travelling by train after a span of some 4-5 yrs…and it sure felt gud……i think the best ‘side seat’ experience belongs to the train wen compared to all other modes of commuting- and no i dont mean the ac compartments, i mean the normal sleeper class ones..u see all kinds of ppl in a train…and i luv luking at everyone’s expressions….the vendors tirelessly, incessantly calling out..the colg kids engrossed in grp chatter..the ladies complaining about their life and the cooking they need to do for their husbands…etc etc…

The sound of the rails which seems rhythmic while travelling…the peculiar smell of the train…and the breeze which enters ur hair leaving a tornado like situation in ur head ..and the chai u get in the train!!!!!!…dont know y but the only tea i like is the irctc pantry one…sumthing very very different about it….

so ya i experienced all these beautiful moments n treasured them on my trip to home this week.i ate like a gluttonous monster at home…visited the nearby churches..and before i knew it the weekend passed by..

well i am bak in Kochi now n this weekend i will be here itself so plan to explore the city a lil bit.

hmm but i feel a lil friendless here………..like ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, i feel ‘Friendless in Kochi’ πŸ™‚


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