514 days!!

No!! Tats NOT a name of any new upcoming movie! So ya basically i started this blog to track my life changes since i moved to the new city for my new job (which made me new girl!Duh!!)...and sumwhere down the line this blog sought off forgot this sole purpose and became about everything else... Continue Reading →

Last Day of the year

There you arrive again,  And once again I am left thinking the past! How you passed away...sometimes quiet othertimes not, A lot we expected...a lot unexpected happened, A lot we assumed...a lot unpredictable occured, New friends we made....few old hearts we broke, Few of those dear passed away leaving a void, But nonetheless no regrets,... Continue Reading →

New Girl is no longer new!

Yep tats right...its been almost a yr (10 months precisely) since new girl moved to this new city for her new job. The funniest thing is I still feel very very new here 😁! The good thing is that my work is gud n my colleagues are genuinely nice 😊.The sad thing is that i... Continue Reading →


Its been exactly 3 months and a fortnight since I moved here bag and baggage! Ppl ask me- hows the new place, hows the new job and how are the new frnds??.. The thing is.......none of it has sunk in yet, i think i am in a state of denial! it never happens to me...i... Continue Reading →

One month down!!

No I havent decided to stop blogging...atleast not yet! So new girl has been in the new city for about a month now...things are getting better...since I know more ppl at office...also I m kind of getting used to the work culture here wich is comparatively a lil laid back!! Yes one thing tat has... Continue Reading →

Day 13 at new office!

So like I said the other day,I almost lost the count of days....but then a very famous radiologist told me tat I shudnt forget the count since I was only getting started....! 🙂 So on the 13th day at new office,I m finally allocated a system....ya...finally! so workwise things are goin ok(mayb) ...oh one major... Continue Reading →

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