Tadaaa..n tats 1 yr for the New gal in her New city!

Yep...the first anniversary of this blog is soon approaching 😃Phew! One whole yr since I moved to Kochi...for my New job n started this blog as I became New girl in this New city! I wud like to thank my 60+ followers...for following my blog n liking my posts n sending ur comments 😊 A... Continue Reading →


Its been exactly 3 months and a fortnight since I moved here bag and baggage! Ppl ask me- hows the new place, hows the new job and how are the new frnds??.. The thing is.......none of it has sunk in yet, i think i am in a state of denial! it never happens to me...i... Continue Reading →

1 month n 5 days down

So life is peaceful...atleast as of now... Work is the same...IT work will always remain the same...just like how it was in ur previous organisation,it is in ur current organisation n how it will be in ur future organisation...IT wrk never changes! So as I was coming bak home today,I got nostalgic...which I always do... Continue Reading →

One month down!!

No I havent decided to stop blogging...atleast not yet! So new girl has been in the new city for about a month now...things are getting better...since I know more ppl at office...also I m kind of getting used to the work culture here wich is comparatively a lil laid back!! Yes one thing tat has... Continue Reading →

Yes…i am alive….n btw it Day 6

hmmm..ya so i disappeared....:) tats wat i do all the time...every new blog i start..i am not able to keep up with it...ya so i m sorry dear blog 🙂 Well new girl has been upset...its a new place...plus new ppl..new surroundings...and now on day 6 at office is wen i really feel it....Thats when... Continue Reading →

Day 4- assigned to Project

yay so i finally got a project!!!!!! ya for IT ppl it is a veryyyyyy big thing coz that project is gona decide the very existence of my life in the next few years..... so technically things start tomm and tomm is a friday , friday is not a very gud day to start stuff... Continue Reading →

Day 3 hmmmmm….

Have i told u the size of the mosquitoes in Kochi? No?! Well they are the size of elephants and NO i m not exaggerating. They scared the living daylights out of me! and since then the 'Gud Knight' machine is now running 24/7 in my room... And the heat- its bad but i have... Continue Reading →

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