514 days!!

No!! Tats NOT a name of any new upcoming movie! So ya basically i started this blog to track my life changes since i moved to the new city for my new job (which made me new girl!Duh!!)...and sumwhere down the line this blog sought off forgot this sole purpose and became about everything else... Continue Reading →

Seeking Divine intervention!

(Actually spent nearly 30 minutes staring at the title of this post , not knowing where or how to start....) Is the title really that lame? Does it really sound stupid to actually sit n wait for divine intervention in one's life?! I dont know really ...but what I do know from past experiences is... Continue Reading →

Pursuit of happyness!

You know whats the most difficult thing to watch in life is? To see people all around you progressing in life in various different ways and to see that your own life has not moved an inch in the past 5-6 yrs. But thats not the difficult part i m talking about...the difficult part is... Continue Reading →

Bedard Zindagi

I think I have started to turn into that person who obsesses with lyrics. And I dont just end at that..I keep thinking about it again and again! Hmmm!! 😐

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