514 days!!

No!! Tats NOT a name of any new upcoming movie!

So ya basically i started this blog to track my life changes since i moved to the new city for my new job (which made me new girl!Duh!!)…and sumwhere down the line this blog sought off forgot this sole purpose and became about everything else 😂😂 No!! I m not complaining…i love sharing my senseless poems, pics, quotes,my views etc etc here but the truth is i have completed 514 days today in this new city and in my new job!!!Yay!!…(i think its tym to change my blogname to ‘oldgirlinoldcity’ 😂😂) And No!! I didnt manually calculate that…yup, there is an app for everything these days! 😂😂

But hey…which also makes this blog of mine 514 days old!! 😂😂

My journey here so far has been full of ups and downs…and frankly speaking there is a lot of Kochi i haven’t yet seen…! I will definitely try to travel more within the city…mostly these days its just work on weekdays and i go home on weekends (native place).Life is just going on..on and on…😊

Once again a big shout out to my loyal followers here (esp those that have followed me from the very start!)…Thank u n love all the interactions!…😘 Like this dialog i heared in the movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna- 

Ajnabiyon ki baat sunn leni chahiye … kabhi kabhi ajnabi apno se zyada jaante hain!

Take me back!

My Lord and My God,

Take me back 3 years!

No more no less,

To close unfinished matters,

To never even start certain others,

To pursue my inner passion, 

To mend some relations,

To be back with my bestie,

N Most of all to involve u more in my life this time around…

Is it really too much to ask?!

Oh Take me back 3 years,

My Lord and My God!

Seeking Divine intervention!

(Actually spent nearly 30 minutes staring at the title of this post , not knowing where or how to start….)

Is the title really that lame? Does it really sound stupid to actually sit n wait for divine intervention in one’s life?! I dont know really …but what I do know from past experiences is that it does work……well atleast eventually…so for me its kinda tried and tested!

And No I am not really that religious and like a lot of other people I shamelessly seem to remember God’s existence only and only when confronted with fear, doubt or grief. And for me to name this post with That title is taking the shamelessness to a whole different level! 

But I do believe in ‘karma‘….but the whole ‘hanging in there‘ part is tough.Days when I think do I even have a purpose in this life? And then other days when I feel like just getting lost somewhere,Why do we even call ourselves free when there is actually really nothing ‘free‘ about this life?! Or atleast why does it seem so and why is it so difficult to cross that barrier n break free….? Yea…. so as you can see I do hit the ‘Writer’s block’ of my life quite often!

There is a nice meaningful dialogue in a Malayalam movie that I saw years back….and since then those lines have been etched in my memory.They are said by an old man in the movie.The lines translate to ‘Every event or hardship happening in our life currently may seem like a very big thing to us now but as the days go by…these past incidents become the different stories in the book of our life, Stories that we will think about, discuss and laugh about in the future’. So who knows perhaps there will even be a day when I will laugh about this very blog post!

I wish I knew the unknown….Till then let me be satisfied thinking, like the song goes…..’Are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?!’ …Are we??

Pursuit of happyness!

You know whats the most difficult thing to watch in life is? To see people all around you progressing in life in various different ways and to see that your own life has not moved an inch in the past 5-6 yrs. But thats not the difficult part i m talking about…the difficult part is to be happy for them and with them in their these very achievements! And boy how tough is that?- Dont ask!

But with time you realise that not being happy for them does not really bring any sort of happiness to you..you instead start hating yourself gradually coz internally you start to realise you are not a good person…since you are bound to be genuinely feeling happy for the other’s achievements/ success!

So although its tough…lets be happy for those that are progressing in life…lets help others although you feel nobody is really helping us…lets appreciate others and give credit where its due coz they deserve it and not doing so wudnt really benefit us in any way….lets help others unceasingly…and lets even go out of the way to bring a smile to another’s face…its often tough to silence the inner comparative jealous mind but lets listen deeper to the innermost conscience instead! Let’s remember that at any and every point of time there are often so many others who may be less fortunate than us….And most importantly lets continue in the pursuit of true selfless happyness!

Bedard Zindagi

I think I have started to turn into that person who obsesses with lyrics. And I dont just end at that..I keep thinking about it again and again! Hmmm!! 😐

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