Book review- Jasmine builds on shifting sands

Do you sometimes feel that the universe throws various hints at you...this book was something like that to me.Out of the blue I decided to read this book one sunny day and I was just so pleasantly shocked at the outcome and the message it conveyed. We live in such a materialistic and visual world... Continue Reading →


Ok this is funny...but because this is close to my heart...To the world n society (read muggles)its a series... well written n fictional...yes.. all that is true...and now as a 5 yr working experienced lady i surely believe tat...all of it is fiction n blah blah...yet when the last n latest Harry Potter book was... Continue Reading →


I dream of a life where i m to do wat i want, wear wat i want,luk how i want and go where i want and with whomever i want...a life that is meaningful,enriching and filled with go to beaches n see the sun rise and go to hilltops and breathe Continue Reading →

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