Book review – More Things In Heaven And Earth

So I am back after a long break from blogging and back with another book review, the book is More Things in Heaven and Earth by Kiran Manral.This book deals with life,death and everything in between.Also with love,hate and everything in between.

The story is split between the current timeline and a flashback to the protagonist, Kamla’s, childhood. Kamla is a widower trying to get on with her life but her husband’s memories almost engulf her life making it impossible to live.There starts her journey to different cities before finally ending up in Goa where her ailing maternal aunt decides to leave her a fortune however with a condition. The story also talks about her chemistry with Victor who is her aunt’s step son.

The story is gripping, the climax is good (i bet i never predicted that) .I did feel the storyline was slightly dragging in the middle but it gained momentum towards the end. I particularly love the writer’s penchant for describing the surroundings and streets of the cities in great detail. Especially her description of Goa and the palatial villa which Kamla inherits is beautiful.

There is a constant hint of the unknown, afterlife and hallucinations throughout the story which all starts to make sense towards the end.The ending is sinister and left to each to decipher.The dash of noir added in the story is good and just enough.

To summarise,this is a good read to someone who is curious of life,death and the grey matter associated to them.

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Sometimes even all the words in the world cant describe your feeling,
The stab you feel in your insides when you lose your loved one,
The feeling of your body being suddenly pulled and swallowed underground,
The helplessness of your tongue,
The blankness in your mind which blocks you from processing,
The cluelessness of the next steps,
The reminder of it all each and every day,
Days have passed, months and years will too,
They say time heals, will need to wait to validate that,
For now the grief is like the ocean,

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