Book review- Jasmine builds on shifting sands

Do you sometimes feel that the universe throws various hints at you…this book was something like that to me.Out of the blue I decided to read this book one sunny day and I was just so pleasantly shocked at the outcome and the message it conveyed.

We live in such a materialistic and visual world today all thanks to social media.The FOMO is driving us crazy day by day and we are just getting more and more sucked into this loophole!

This book by Sanjay Desai reminds us to get our priorities right.It asks us to take a grip over our life and jump on to the driving seat of our life. And it does so almost unknowingly. This book takes us through the trials and tribulations of Jasmine,a wannabe supermodel…The most interesting part is the way this book combines her story to our lives with the help of microlearning courses. Here we are introduced to the concept of TheConsciousLeap ( All these courses are free and present in the above link but it truly makes sense when go through them via Jasmine’s story. We get deeply connected to Jasmine’s success and failures almost reflecting our own success and failures!We also learn how we can make our dreams a reality by combining our goals, our will power and our continued focus.

Jasmine’s story is no different from your or my story. She faces troubles and doubts in every step..luckily she meets good mentors on the path to her success,these mentors guide her by giving her the formulas to success.Having just a passion and will is not enough , one should be ready to do the hardwork required and one should be open to and make use of the opportunities that come in our way. As Jasmine’s story goes there are bound to be troubles along the path,its how you persevere amidst these and focus on your end goal.

One of my favourite formulas I saw in the book was ‘Goal+will*focus=Win(Dream)’
If we follow such a formula in all walks of life,we are sure to succeed in whatever we wish to achieve.

I have always felt I was a fiction lover and non fiction hater but in this book the author blends fiction and non fiction so perfectly to create a self help manual,something that each of us need desperately today. A must read especially for those who are lost and are trying to find a purpose.

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To Kill a Mockingbird!

Better late than never!

I have always wanted to read the famous book ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ published in the 1960s by Harper Lee right from my childhood…and so very recently I finally did. And I regretted not reading it earlier…

I was touched by so many lines in the book.Infact Atticus Finch is my role model for life. Thank you Harper Lee, I am sure it would have taken a lot of guts to publish this book addressing very serious social issues those days.The title cudnt have been more apt.What makes the book appealing is the innocence in it since it is narrated from a child’s perspective.

And for those of you who havent read it yet…pls do so now…I plead you to not procrastinate further 😊

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Buy on Amazon-To Kill A Mockingbird

Leaving you with a few quotes from this cult status book-

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Ok this is funny…but because this is close to my heart…To the world n society (read muggles)its a series… well written n fictional…yes.. all that is true…and now as a 5 yr working experienced lady i surely believe tat…all of it is fiction n blah blah…yet when the last n latest Harry Potter book was announced…it created a flutter in my heart…but then mind you..i decided to skip it!…majorly n firstly becoz i m too old for it now…amd secondly it isnt even written by JK!

So ya the book came out n i saw it flashing across my FB, Twitter, Insta timelines with almost everyone i know in this world buying it n reading it..but mind you…my ego was big n real…i decided to skip it still!But i did ask some of my frnds hw it was…they were blatantly honest n said its ok ok but not as gud as the previous ones etc etc…

Days passed….

But then recently i caught myself thinking of my childhood…n i realized how big a role this series had in it. I realized that i wasnt being fair to both – ‘my inner anxious crazy pottermaniac child’ and also to the ‘writers of this book whose intention wud hav been to keep Harry Potter alive in these days n times’! I realized it wud ungrateful of me if i let this one go….becoz the Truth is that this series was literally my family….i stood n fought for it vit my parents whenever they caught me reading it at nite….i may hav spent a zillion sleepless nites completing the books…the class tests i hav risked failing by doing nothing but reading the buk the previous day…the million creative dreams this series has given me all through my school days…even trying hard getting the pronunciations right for all the spells…also hoping to death polyjuice potion was for real….!

So to cut the story short…i bought the last book n read it within 3 hrs (much like my record vit the previous ones) i wont tell you how it was…coz harry potter n his world is not sumthing we can judge or criticise or score …its like i said ‘a closer topic to our hearts’…so if u r a potterfan …feel free n read the last part…Coz most importantly i think we owe it to our childhood! 

Wingardium Leviosa!

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