B for Boondi raita!!

Boondi raita is one of the those few north indian dishes that I am most fond of since childhood! This dish happened to enter my life when I spent my glorious childhood years in Pune. My maushi (aunty) who had already lived in Pune since many years taught my mom one day how its made... Continue Reading →

A for Appam!!

Appam/motta curry (Rice pancakes/egg curry) is an emotion to me! It takes me to a state of pure happiness and peace.....for those few minutes and only for those few minutes in life while savoring them I feel like this world is just perfecttt! To me personally, it takes me back to my childhood days where... Continue Reading →

Theme reveal- The A2Z foodie in me!

I am anyway late to the party, a party that i just haphazardly volunteered to attend and i was freaking out all these days about attending this party.Thats when i thought now that i am anyway attending the party i might as well bring snacks along...yes so my theme is going to be my favourite... Continue Reading →

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