My list of ‘should-have’ Amazon (India) products!

This list is random AF! I have just thrown in home utility/personal grooming products just all together,like i said very random,but then they all been seriously very useful to me in the past 1-2 years hence thought of sharing incase any of you are interested and have been waiting to get your hands on... Continue Reading →


Sometimes even all the words in the world cant describe your feeling,The stab you feel in your insides when you lose your loved one,The feeling of your body being suddenly pulled and swallowed underground,The helplessness of your tongue,The blankness in your mind which blocks you from processing,The cluelessness of the next steps,The reminder of it... Continue Reading →

Twenty Word Tuesday_*Story*

This is as part of the Twenty Word Tuesday initiative by Bulbul. Today's word is 'Story' 'Exiting in bridal outfit,head held high,having refused dowry,she knew she started a new chapter in her story.' Tweet to me @NewGirlNewCity

A R Rahman- My top 15 gems

You know how difficult it is for me to do this?! To zero down to my favourite 15 among all of ARR music across all languages?! I mean you can't possibly understand how difficult it is for me.....coz I am an ARR bhakt (across all languages). His songs are like meditation to me,his music has... Continue Reading →

English Manglish

This post is dedicated to those English words which we malayalees have hijacked and completely modified such that they mean something entirely different/comical/dramatic! 1.Best!!- No not just the word,there is a special way of saying this the proper sarcastic slang and you have to stretch the word for more impact. Bessssttttt!!! This is used... Continue Reading →

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