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I love this movie to the moon n back!

Last Day of the year

There you arrive again,  And once again I am left thinking the past! How you passed away...sometimes quiet othertimes not, A lot we expected...a lot unexpected happened, A lot we assumed...a lot unpredictable occured, New friends we made....few old hearts we broke, Few of those dear passed away leaving a void, But nonetheless no regrets,... Continue Reading →

Happiness is …..

U know those 'Happiness is ...' posts these days with those stick drawings of ppl...,i think it has suddenly become very popular coz its honest,simple and very adorably cute posts. So today on cing one of those...i was just wondering to myself what or rather when do i feel really very happy in my life?!... Continue Reading →

Drive the blues away!

So I think I have shared a lot of my thoughts favourite quotes n pics as now I thought of introducing yet another set of my favourites...this tym its music... I m a hardcore music lover like every Indian i guess...especially bollywood (yup i do hear a lot of english as well as... Continue Reading →


Dont know when it started and when it will end... Started vit 'wailing' at birth,bewildered probably as to where I have landed...cries for milk, attention, toys, love, air...those the cranky ones.. Then came the school agonies...the one cry in 3rd grade wen I spent a little more than allocated time at my frnd's house,mom beat... Continue Reading →

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