Oru youth festival katha

You know everytime I watch the movie 'Poomaram', I am flooded with my own memories from back in 2005/2006(frankly speaking I dont remember the exact year). Yes almost 15 years back, no kidding. So I had just moved from Maharashtra to Kerala, yes a complete change of culture, language and ofcourse a land with zero... Continue Reading →

Bedard Zindagi

I think I have started to turn into that person who obsesses with lyrics. And I dont just end at that..I keep thinking about it again and again! Hmmm!! 😐

Drive the blues away!

So I think I have shared a lot of my thoughts here....my favourite quotes n pics as well...so now I thought of introducing yet another set of my favourites...this tym its music... I m a hardcore music lover like every Indian i guess...especially bollywood (yup i do hear a lot of english as well as... Continue Reading →

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