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Life as we know it

I remember this day exactly 1 year back…Aug 19th 2021…we hurriedly took my father to the hospital as his O2 was getting very low. By the time we reached the casuality he was slowly slipping from consciousness and they immediately attended to him. I could see him plugged to various machines and tubes and I could see his vitals on a small monitor on top next to his bed, I saw the O2 steadily decrease, I remember feeling like my heart stopped for a while…the doctors asked me if I granted them the permission to intubate him if it comes to that…I remember not really understanding and just looking at them blankly…they said its important I make a decision, I hurriedly agreed and signed on some paper..after which I saw his vitals improving slowly. It was confirmed not covid and what followed was a series of tests on him…. I went on to stay that day and the next day in the hospital,got a room as well there on the floor above.I was in constant touch with family back home giving them all the reports and updates from the hospital..The doctors told me the diagnosis looked bad and they would do everything possible….

The day after that around 3 am whilst I was sleeping in the room, I got a call to go to the ICU immediately.I already sensed it during that long walk from my room to the ICU where I was met with the dreaded news. I felt the floor below me caving and sucking me deep inside to the depths of the earth….that was it,the end.

Dearest daddy, I think about you, miss you every single day…I wish I had more days with you to convey so much more to you in person…will meet you soon in your heavenly abode!

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