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So I recently got my hands on this book titled Manan written by Yasmin Sait. I was too curious what the title meant and I must say that by the end of the book I realised what an apt title it is. So Manan means to Meditate or Think or Concentrate.And thats exactly what the book makes you do……

This book is an insight into the lives of 9 eminent and inspiring ladies who are in their mid 60-70s and have all the zeal in this world to live their life and look forward to the future. Its a guide on how to find your purpose in life esp when one closes to their 60-70s. But that doesnt mean its meant for only those in that age group- not at all, this book makes you think about your choices and priorities. One common element I saw in all the narrations mentioned in this book is the message to first prioritise oneself (self-love).That is something that every woman needs to understand…a woman tends to forget herself whilst fulfilling duties of a wife,mother, daughter, daughter in law etc.

The author Yasmin Sait has interviewed each of these women and collated the information as crisp bitesize chapters containing some key pointers to happy life from each one of them.Her own story is very inspiring considering all the hardships she had to face.oh and the surname does sound familiar right? Thats because she is the mother of the supremely talented Kubbra and Danish Sait.The language used in this book is simple and easy to understand…its a light easy breezy read.

All in all I felt this was a fresh, feel good read which I would suggest that every women starting from those in thier thirties should (must) read.Its important to not lose oneself in this rat race called life.Its important to make time for activities or hobbies so as to keep ones mind active and fresh.Such stories as those mentioned about the 9 women in this book is truly inspiring to women of all ages.

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