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Book review – Its too big to grab

So I am back with book reviews after a long hiatus…. Recently came across this book ‘Its too big to grab’ by author Rex Jovakim Joseph. One of the main reasons why I picked up this one was because it was only 52 pages (I chose the Kindle version) and hence it was an easy breezy read as I didn’t want to get into any heavy reading content.

This book is more like an introduction to some interesting characters namely Alexander Joseph and David Mathew who happen to meet during a flight journey from Kochi to Dubai. They get talking and Alexander insists on Mathew interviewing him. What follows is a peek into Alexander’s life…from childhood to his college days…the highs and lows of the multiple risks and investments he ventured into…some of the shoddy businesses our hero started handling…Also a brief peep into his love life the outcome of which is not revealed to us…

What makes the flashback interesting is that it is intertwined with beautiful poems….the language used in the poems stands out to me whilst making complete sense of the situation recited in the chapter.The short brisk poems add more volume to the story. The prose is also accompanied by illustrations and thoughtful sayings.

The last chapter ends with an abrupt emergency landing of this flight in Muscat and David is no longer able to locate Alexander after landing. It ends with a suspense on where Alexander Joseph is or what awaits him in future…which will soon be revealed in the upcoming sequels…

I predict the sequels will reveal Alexander Joseph’s fate in the Gulf land(why am I so reminded of the notorious spy Kurup here!)Some moments in the book I personally liked would be the description of Al Rigga Deira metro(having visited the same myself) , prayers to St.Anthony of Padua (yes the novena never fails) and ofcourse our very own Lalettan’s most epic dialogue.

If you are up for a light breezy read , do check it out at Amazon here

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