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Q for Quiche!!

Okay, the wonderful BlogchatterA2Z challenge ended in April and as usual I could not keep up due to my other work commitments, but now that I am here I decided to just continue with the flow…

Q is difficult alphabet ..infact i once read a very funny comment somewhere that ‘Q has been given way too much importance than it deserves and it actually should have come somewhere with X,Y,Z instead of with the elite R,S,T.’ 😂😂

So my todays dish is Quiche.. (pronounced as keesh)…as you may have figured, it sounds very fancy..and obviously I was so eager to try it. I first had quiche in (believe it or not) Starbucks (in the Pune store)! So basically quiche is a pastry, like a tart…it has a circular crust inside which is the filling, which can be veg or nonveg.The filling is usually a savoury egg custard one that contains cheese and other veggies or meat. Due to the savoury filling,it doesn’t fall under dessert category. Quiche can be had as a snack or for brunch/lunch.It can be had both hot or cold.

Although you may get an eggless version,I feel the entire taste resides in the filling, for which egg is mandatory.I would not say its wow in taste but definitely different, and the flaky crust adds to the texture.

Spinach and cheese Quiche

The word quiche was derived from the German word Kuchen which meant cake. in France,a quiche is mostly called Lorraine. Those who love baking can try out preparing quiche especially if they have the moulds for tart with them, do let me know if you have a successful attempt 😊

I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z , do check it out!!

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