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P for Paneer!!

Okay I know Paneer does not qualify as a dish on its own as its more of a raw material…however my love for paneer is pure, eternal, indescribable and infinite and it would just so very unfair if i dont dedicate P post to Paneer! Yes this is the one dish in this world that I will never say No to…and one that I can have any time of the day…maybe even 3-4 times a day…

So..the list is endless right? Paneer kadhai, paneer makhni, paneer matar, paneer tikka, palak paneer, paneer jalfrezi, paneer do pyaza, paneer handi, panner burji,paneer lababdar, paneer pasanda etc etc etc…but my all time favourites are paneer burji and palak paneer. Basically I can have it in any form…

I often wonder what if i wasnt born an Indian…and I am suddenly left feeling relieved as I am sure I would never have developed this love affair with paneer otherwise. So mainly paneer is cottage cheese made by curdling milk with some sort of acid mainly lemon juice. It is a high source of milk protein and I can very confidently say that almost 75% of my body fat is due to the amount of paneer I have consumed in my life till date.

Ya it’s quite surprising to me that a hardcore non-vegetarian like me can be in this much love with something that is essentially just a type of cheese… quite cheesy right?!So I can happily give up chicken/fish/mutton/egg forever but I would never ever give up paneer…thats just the extent of my love….!

Are you also a paneer lover like me or does this post just make no sense to you?!

Kuch kuch hota hain paneer dekh ke…tum nahin samjhoge….

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