O for Orotti!

So I am lagging behind in the BlogchatterA2Z challenge but I still thought of playing some catchup…hey coz its not over till the very end right?!

Today I introduce to you the humble orotti, a dish that I initially thought my mom invented and named on her own until many years later when I came to know that its actually quite popular in Kerala. So basically orotti is nothing but a type of roti (indian flat bread) you can say.Mainly its made of rice flour and grated coconut.One can even use wheat flour instead of rice flour.What makes it unique is the way of preparing this so called orotti… basically you prepare a dough mixture of water ,grated coconut,salt and rice flour.Then you make small balls of the dough and then on a plastic sheet pat them with your palm or fingers to form a circular shape.The palm is used to roll the dough instead of a rolling pin(belan). The unevenness of this roti due to this hand technique is what makes it unique. Its usually thick and can be made on a tawa (iron skillet)just like any other roti.

This orotti can be combined with any spicy curry,I think its best when had with any nonveg spicy curry.This orotti is quite common in Malabar region in Kerala. Its also famous in Sri Lanka and its called Pol roti there.

Now that you have the recipe on top ,why dont you try making some orottis?!

Rice flour orotti

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