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N for Nasi goreng!

Yes till a few years back I had no idea about the existence of something called nasi goreng. I was introduced to this dish in a South East Asian cuisine restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised by it. So basically Nasi Goreng means fried rice in Indonesian. It is mostly fried rice cooked with some meat mostly chicken and onions, then usually served with a fried egg or sunny side up on top and some prawn crackers or pickled vegetables on the side. This rice tastes very different from the chinese fried rice as it is slightly more sweeter due to the soy sauce in it. This sweet soy sauce is also called kecap manis. I must have had this dish in a couple of restaurants now and each time it has tasted different which makes me feel there is no fixed ingredients list.The condiments/spices change from country to country.

This dish is widely popular in Indonesia (named as one of the national dishes there), Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand etc.. One of the variants i tasted in a restaurant even had a peanut taste in it. This dish is mostly cooked with left over rice from previous day as its easier to fry it rather than freshly cooked rice.It mostly has a brown color due to the soy sauce. This dish may feel a little dry in your mouth specially when there are no sides or sauces to go with. Would you like to give it a try next time you are in a south east asian resto?

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