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J for Jambakka!!

Before the Malayali Nazis come to attack me I know this is spelt as chambakka in some places and jambakka in some other…I go with the second for obvious reasons (read it as #BlogchatterA2Z purposes)😂

Ok so I was living under a rock till I was around 13 years old since I had no idea of the existence of such a fruit! So one day while we were in Kerala during my summer break from school in Pune,my mom and I went to visit one of our distant relatives who has a huge bungalow surrounded by a mini garden of sorts…some time after the usual niceties, I noticed my mom was missing from the living room, I searched for her around…..then I went out to the garden looking for her and there she was at a corner stretching her hand out to pluck some weird looking fruit. I was shocked as my mom was not such a person who would suddenly go to such extents to get some fruit that too in someone elses garden. She finally managed to get a handful of this odd looking fruit and returned back to the house very happy… obviously I wanted to know what it was…she told me its her childhood memories!!…and there it was in her hand, some jambakkas as I came to know the name later…

Jambakka is the Malayalam word for the fruit commonly called rose apple or wax apple or java apple, the botanical name for it is (get ready for it…)Syzygium samarangense!

So these are odd looking fruits (almost looks like the cashew fruit). Make sure you first wash them and then also make sure u remove the seed inside. The fruit in taste is quite sweet and crunchy in texture. In kerala people even make pickles and juice from jambakka.

If you search online, you will see there are a lot of health benefits for this fruit like it controls diabetes, aids digestion,treats acne etc etc.

I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z , do check it out!!

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