I for Inji curry!!

So the story goes like this- Vararuchi,a Brahmin Pandit used to travel through the forests in Kerala, once he saw a hut there and met the occupants.He was attracted to the young girl he saw there however he wanted to test her culinary and creative skills so he told her mother that he wanted food with 1000 curries. The mother was puzzled however the daughter told her not to worry and she proceeded to cook ‘inji curry’. She served just rice and inji curry to Vararuchi and he was immensely pleased with the taste. Since then injicurry is referred to as an equivalent of 1000 curries.

For those who have no idea inji means ginger, so basically this curry mostly comprises ginger, tamarind and jaggery as some of the main ingredients. Ginger is first fried well in oil and then grinded and mixed with tamarind pulp,jaggery, red chillies,salt and curry leaves.The paste is then brought to boil and there, its done!!

It tastes sweet , spicy, sour, bitter,salty all at once…which is why it is rightly known as equivalent to 1000 curries. This dish is a very important one specially in the Onasadya served in the traditional banana leaf during Onam festival. It is also good for the palate and your stomach as it helps balance the pH levels. Ginger as we all know has a lot of medicinal properties.

Nailing this dish requires sheer experience,I have tried it a few times but it has never turned out that well…well I am gonna hope it turns out right some day!

Inji curry/inji puli

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