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H for Hummus!!

I was born in the beautiful country of Kuwait and spent nearly 10 years of my life there. Obviously this introduced me to the Arabic culture and cuisine, one that I hold very dear to my heart. Although we lived in a hugely Indian dominated neighborhood in Kwt, we used to gorge on all the yummy local food there (mostly nonveg). I remember one of our go to meals(whenever mom closed the kitchen) was the Irani Khuboos (also spelt as khubz or khubus) accompanied with a can of hummus dip. I used to ask for extra servings of hummus as I fell in love with it right from the time I tasted it.

Hummus is mostly a paste made of chickpeas (kabuli chana), tahini sauce (made from roasted sesame seeds) and lemon. It has a very peculiar taste,i personally prefer the one with garlic. Hummus is to khuboos what tomato sauce is to fries. Pita bread is the westernized name for khuboos. Pita bread means nothing but flat bread and its usually cut into further small pieces which we can dip into these sauces.

Not everyone may like the taste of hummus as its mostly slightly bland and also not everyone will like the texture of is quite coarse sometimes. However it transports you to an Arabic era whenever you taste it.

Hummus has become very popular outside the gulf countries too now…you can buy it packaged everywhere. One of my favourite is the garlic hummus I have bought from LuLu mall in Kochi.(of course with the wheat khuboos they make freshly there)

Hummus goes with almost all arabic dishes like fatayer,al faham, shawarma etc…I think its even great as a spread on toast. You guys have any suggestions?!

On a hilarious note you should definitely watch this viral song from many years ago –

Pita bread with hummus (Location – Taj Vivanta,Tvm)

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