G for Gunpowder!!

I sincerely do hope those reading know what it is or have atleast heard about it…and if not, get ready for one of the biggest shocks of your life😂😂😂!!

There is not much to explain here other than the fact that it is a staple for South Indians! So basically Gunpowder or milaga podi or the humble chutney powder is all one and the same…yes although I said south indian,it differs in its taste,texture,colour from one state to another.

Basically its made by grinding roasted dal (mostly chana dal or urad dal) and a mixture of different condiments like jeera,dried chillies, coriander and other spices.This dry podi or powder is usually sprinkled over dosa and idli….sometimes a paste is made by mixing it with ghee or oil and this paste can even be had with rice. One needs to be wary of the spice levels though..I think the Andhra variant is usually the most spicy one.

There is no fixed list of ingredients here- it varies from state to state, some add grated coconut /dried coconut/ tamarind/jaggery/ asafoetida/peanuts etc etc….all in all its a superb combination with some hot piping idlis or dosas and one that needs to experienced atleast once in your lifetime….Just please make sure you dont by mistake rub your eyes with your hand whilst eating it! And also be careful handling it especially when around lil kids!

My personal favourite is podi idli! Its basically small mini idlis served with this Gunpowder sprinkled generously on it and a few drops of ghee on top. This with a filter coffee on the side is just the perfect South Indian breakfast for me!

Podi idli (Location- Anna Idli, Pune)
Idlis with Gunpowder paste poured on top (Location – Dravida’s Bistro, Pune)

If you are totally new to Gunpowder and would like to try it, then you can even buy it here or here!

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  1. I can imagine this gunpowder exploding into a 1000 cannons in the mouth. I could never stand chilies beyond a limit. The very colour here terrifies me. But loved the post, especially the name of the dish.

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