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F for Fish n Chips!!

This must be the only non-Indian dish that I am crazyyyy about and can eat it anywhere anytime,period.

Well it contains 2 of my favourites – fish obviously being a south indian had to be one of my staples and chips or rather french fries (fancy fancy) is the favorite of all ‘gelf’-born kiddies! So the combination of both is my endgame!

But let me tell you, it all depends on the cook…because it is not as easy of a dish to make as it sounds…I remember during my bachelorette party/ vacay in Goa….me and my bestie used to have lunch/dinner in different shacks in the local beaches there and I used to order Fish and Chips each and every time (accompanied with a nice cocktail or the humble breezer!). By the end of the trip my bestie was so pissed that she begged me to have some thing different…but hey i was loving it! Most of the shacks had incredibly tasty versions of FnC , but I had one horrible experience and I still remember it was in a shack at Colva beach ..the batter on the fish was super oily and so thick that you could hardly taste the thin fillet of fish inside, all that I could taste was that corn starch and oil from the batter…so like I said it all depends on the cook. Nowadays beer battered fish is famous and I think it tastes yummy. The dish is often accompanied with mayonnaise or tartar sauce… What i love about FnC is you dont really feel super heavy after eating it unlike steaks/burgers…! Its the perfect English meal!❤️❤️

Pfb some pics taken by me-

At The Fishermans wharf, Panjim
At Playboy Beer Garden, Pune

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