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E for Elayappam!!

This is more my mother’s favourite delicacy than mine ..but you know if your mom loves some dish you usually end up liking them too…

Elayappam is basically appam made in Ela which is nothing but a leaf (in this case banana leaf) Its probably a good time to check out my previous ‘A for Appam’ blog where I talk about my love for appams. So as the name goes, Elayappam, is kind of the sweeter variant of the normal appam.

Basically you create a batter with rice flour, then slather it onto a portion of the banana leaf with your fingers… Then you make a filling of coconut and jaggery and stuff it in between your dough in the leaf and slowly fold the appam from one side to the other with the leaf…then u simply steam it and there you go…its very similar to the Maharashtrian modak except the shape…

I wont say I love elayappam the most as I am a person who in general prefers savoury to sweet! but once in a while its great and especially better when your own mom makes it. This dish is a hot favourite in Kerala and getting banana leaves there is a trivial issue.Also some people call it Ela Ada. Its usually available as an evening snack in almost all Kerala bakerys!

Although a sweet dish, but this is much more healthier option especially since there is no frying involved. And also because sugar is replaced by Jaggery which is way more healthier!

If you are interested to cook this dish, do check out the below recipe I found online-

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