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D for Dark chocolate!!

Before I began this blog I spent a good 15 minutes thinking at which age exactly did my love for dark chocolate start? Most people discover dark chocolate or start liking them only after they enter adulthood..but thats where I get confused because I remember loving dark chocolate since my school days!

I vaguely remember back in the year 2000,when I was in Pune,my cousin sister having just arrived from USA got me Toblerone ,the dark version, that too the big sized one, i dont remember the exact size in grams but it was huge! Now being an NRI myself I was well aware of all chocolate brands (like all gulf kiddies) however I was so surprised to see the size of this one,each piece literally felt like a hill on its own! And I was always used to buying the original toblerone version(the standard gold cover) that this black cover just made me so curious and I fell in love with it!

After that experience I have never been able to go back to milk chocolate or white chocolate, as I have always found them too sweet. The bitterness of the dark chocolate has satisfied my palate to an extent where there is no going back! I have been lucky to try so many varieties of dark chocolate,pfb links of my favourite ones. The greater the dark choc percentage in it , the more I love it…my favourite being the 90% and above ones…but to be honest,its not everyones cup of tea ..i know a lot of friends who simply hate dark chocolate! Its simple either you love it or you hate it ..i guess there is no gray area!

Its not just chocolates I love even the dark chocolate flavoured digestive biscuits. Recently I even loved the dark chocolate thick shake in the very famous Mapro garden restaurant in Mahableshwar.

Dark chocolate is scientifically proven to be good for heart and it is a good source of antioxidants. It also improves brain function…but only dark chocolates having 70% or greater dark chocolate content is useful enjoy them absolutely guilt free! Pfb some links from Amazon india (both indian and non indian brands)-

1.Amul 90% – my absolute favourite from our very own desi brand Amul,its bitter so like i said before not everyones cup of tea

2.Amul 99% – this one is tough even for me, so go for it only and only if you are up for it!

3.Lindt 90% – Another favourite of mine, but do opt for the lesser dark choc percentage ones as per your taste. The 85% and 70% ones too are decent!

4.Ritter sport Dark- The dark chocolate flavours combined with nuts are amazing

5.Ditch the guilt- I havent tried them yet but saw them in market,will try them soon-

6. Toblerone Dark – my first love!

7.Galaxy dark- Not really too dark as i found it little on the sweeter side but yes it was super smooth and melts in your mouth!

I know there are other brands too having dark chocolate but I havent really liked some of them…if you are a dark chocolate lover do let me know your favourite ones in the comment section!❤️❤️ Dig in!!

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