Book review – More Things In Heaven And Earth

So I am back after a long break from blogging and back with another book review, the book is More Things in Heaven and Earth by Kiran Manral.This book deals with life,death and everything in between.Also with love,hate and everything in between.

Kiran Manral is a seasoned writer who has published books in both fiction and non fiction genres. She published her first novel back in 2011. The experience is seen clearly in her confident language and vocabulary throughout this book.I particularly love the writer’s penchant for describing the surroundings and streets of the cities in great detail. We can almost imagine the picture she tries to create in our mind for every geographical instance.Her simple language yet complex narrative makes the book a very compelling read.

The story is split between the current timeline and a flashback to the protagonist, Kamla’s, childhood. Kamla is a widower trying to get on with her life but her husband, Nihar’s memories almost engulf her life making it impossible to live. He used to call her Lotusface, which adds quite a spooky touch throughout the story. There starts her journey to different cities in the hope of finding closure and peace before finally ending up in Goa where her ailing maternal aunt Kamini decides to leave her a fortune however with a strange conditional clause. However Goa is also the place where Nihar passed away and this place holds many secrets. The story also talks about her chemistry with the handsome Victor who is her aunt’s step son.The story also touches on the innocence of the relationship between her and her sister Roop during her childhood days.

The story is gripping, the climax is good (I bet I never predicted that twist) .I did feel the storyline was slightly dragging in the middle but it gained momentum towards the end. The writer’s description of Goa and the palatial villa which Kamla inherits is beautiful and descriptive.There is a constant hint of the unknown, afterlife and hallucinations throughout the story which all starts to make sense towards the end.The ending is sinister and left to each to decipher.The dash of noir added in the story is good and just enough.

To summarise,this is a good read to someone who is curious of life,death and the grey matter associated to them.

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