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‘Shadow in the mirror’ is a thriller written by Deepti Menon. Firstly I should confess that thriller and noir are my favourite genres and much to my delight this book had both.One is introduced to so many characters in this book that in the beginning you are confused where this is all going..but it starts to make perfect sense after some time. The writer describes these different characters so well that you can literally visualise them. Although I was able to predict who the perpetrator was,the reasons supporting it blew me out of my mind. This book is about our fragile minds, on how we face adversities and how we end up reacting.This book keeps you at the edge of your seat and you will find yourself wanting to just know more and more.Some characters are so beautifully sketched that you sometimes feel pity, sympathy and even anger at the same character.

This book is set mostly in Kerala and Bangalore. I love all the references to South Indian household and members. Also this book contains some very good poems too which blend so well with the story.Also the thoughts and minds of all the young vivacious women we are introduced to,be it Nita,Vinny, Kavita,Roma or Sudha. It goes to show the complex mind of each woman and her ambitions and fantasies. I liked how each woman had a stand of her own and was independent and was vocal against most society norms. This book also casts some light to one’s mental well being. Its almost like flashback scenes between varying timeperiods which all ultimately helps to solve this big mystery.

In short if you are in a mood for some paisa vasool thriller suspense novel then do give this one a shot! You can order this book on Amazon –

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  1. Dear Angel, thank you ever so much for this in depth and intriguing review of my Shadow in the Mirror. Nothing is more important to a writer than her book being appreciated. Thank you for making my day! God bless!

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