Beach lover or Hills lover?!

Trust me I have asked this to myself a million times all through the years and the truth remains that I still don’t know!

For majority of my life I have led myself to believe I am a beach lover…and that is merely because I have time and again visited numerous beaches in my life…(well I hail from south India and this is kind of obvious!) Yes and the wave water touching my barefeet and then receding back with all strength is my most favourite feeling on this entire planet!

But then the hill stations have captivated me too…One of my favourite hill station is Mahableshwar. I am fortunate to say I have visited this hill station so many times and each time it has just gladdened my heart.So this last weekend I was back in Panchgani/Mahableshwar.

Firstly the ghat journey leading to here is a super thrilling and scary route.And then once u reach this quaint city on top,it feels like u have been transported directly to heaven! The uber cool winds,the fresh pollution free air, the smell of trees and fresh fruits…gosh I cant describe that feeling.It reminds me so much of Manali which I last visited 11 years back or so (remember Rohtang pass wali maggi?!)

So as I travelled in the car through the roads of Panchgani,the sight of the huge residential schools on either side excited me.Yes the very same type ones you see in bollywood movies where the kiddies (brats) of vvips studied.I thought to myself how I would have loved to just be a teacher in one these institutions and live a simple life (yes very much like Kareena in jab we met although she seemed to not like it too much)

Also taking a moment to acknowledge the sight of fresh strawberries!A Mahableshwar trip is not complete without a visit to ‘Mapro Garden’ to have their special fresh strawberry and cream. As for the taste,my words would do no justice to it!

Strawberry and cream

Such a hill station life would seem so interesting to me as compared to my current IT WFH life. I think the city life, the wfh,the laptops n computers n smartphones are driving me crazy!

Coming back to my main question,am I beach lover or a hills lover?! Cant I be both?!

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