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Phang Nga (James Bond Island)

The tour was organised by John Gray travels and we had them pick us up from the hotel at Patong Beach and dropped at the boat jetty, from where we boarded the cruise. It took us through many small islands. It was truly beautiful to see all the water around, totally surrounded on all sides. The islands were all really tiny. We had canoes ready to take us to the caves. We had to literally lay horizontal on the canoe to go beneath the caves. The caves were really dark and it would ultimately end at lagoons which were so beautiful. Truly nature at its best. We felt like we were in some Jurassic park movie. Some of the caves had bats hanging up on their roof. The canoe kayaks took us all the way inside many beautiful caves. It was truly one of a kind experience. We had a light lunch and an early supper in the boat itself, which was just fabulous.

We took part in preparing Loy Krayong, thats basically like a flower basket, which is created by the locals and then floated in the water.A small candle is also inserted in it and it is lighted while floating the Loy Krayong in the water. It is a way of thanking the waterbodies and also an apology to the sea for the times it is polluted by us humans.We too created one and floated it in one of the caves in the evening. The experience was surreal. The dusk light combined with the tiny candle light emerging from our flower basket as it floated inside the caves was a sight to cherish forever.

Some pics from our trip –

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