Being a girl in India!

A girl cannot be in her office floor alone on a weekend, a girl cannot be traveling in bus at night with a male friend, a girl cannot hang out with male friends in the park, a girl cannot wear jeans, a girl cannot go to church safely, a girl cannot travel in a train compartment all by her own, a girl cannot be returning home after work in a car alone at night…

What the fuck CAN a girl do in this country?!

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  1. I think it’s more of wtf is a girl ‘allowed’ to do.. especially in Kerala. Pathetic times..

  2. I think every mother should teach their children (boys) to respect women…. those who respect their mother and sisters will not insult other women

  3. They have the equal right and opportunity to do what they want to. It’s the approach that should be changed……..?!

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