To Kill a Mockingbird!

Better late than never!

I have always wanted to read the famous book ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ published in the 1960s by Harper Lee right from my childhood…and so very recently I finally did. And I regretted not reading it earlier…

I was touched by so many lines in the book.Infact Atticus Finch is my role model for life. Thank you Harper Lee, I am sure it would have taken a lot of guts to publish this book addressing very serious social issues those days.The title cudnt have been more apt.What makes the book appealing is the innocence in it since it is narrated from a child’s perspective.

And for those of you who havent read it yet…pls do so now…I plead you to not procrastinate further 😊

Get it on Amazon-

Buy on Amazon-To Kill A Mockingbird

Leaving you with a few quotes from this cult status book-

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