Pursuit of happyness!

You know whats the most difficult thing to watch in life is? To see people all around you progressing in life in various different ways and to see that your own life has not moved an inch in the past 5-6 yrs. But thats not the difficult part i m talking about…the difficult part is to be happy for them and with them in their these very achievements! And boy how tough is that?- Dont ask!

But with time you realise that not being happy for them does not really bring any sort of happiness to you..you instead start hating yourself gradually coz internally you start to realise you are not a good person…since you are bound to be genuinely feeling happy for the other’s achievements/ success!

So although its tough…lets be happy for those that are progressing in life…lets help others although you feel nobody is really helping us…lets appreciate others and give credit where its due coz they deserve it and not doing so wudnt really benefit us in any way….lets help others unceasingly…and lets even go out of the way to bring a smile to another’s face…its often tough to silence the inner comparative jealous mind but lets listen deeper to the innermost conscience instead! Let’s remember that at any and every point of time there are often so many others who may be less fortunate than us….And most importantly lets continue in the pursuit of true selfless happyness!

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  1. I like the blunt frankness expressed in this post. Being jealous is one thing; having the strength of mind and courage to accept them is the expression of a mature mind.

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