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Pointless ranting

I dont want to write about this….I have always stopped myself from writing about this or even discussing about it in a social forum…because its simply futile…it would be a waste of effort, dialogue, energy, time, u name it…etc

But then it affects me badly…my blood boils and no its not just anger…its the helplessness of the situation!

The latest Blore mass molestation news is not really news because there is nothing really new in it.This keeps happening in some corner of the country every day, every hour and perhaps every minute (neednt necessarily be just in the villages). But then there is no CCTV everywhere to record it…It goes unnoticed in the quiet stillness of the night and everything normalizes again the next day.

But what worries or rather disturbs me is the fact that these perpetrators live amongst us….they lead very normal daily lives but then the inner pervert in them arises in the dark.They have families…perhaps mothers, sisters, wives, daughters. I feel pity for the women of such families whether young or old.The shame they go through would most probably be no less to any victim.

Where is the country going to? I remember 10 yrs back during my school days it was considered safe to be out vit my friends at night below in the society corridors (sometimes even till 10 or 11 pm) but in today’s time it is considered much much riskier…is it like with time our country is just going backwards with regards to women safety?!Yes i do agree that perhaps those days crimes were reported less or maybe never. But whats the point of country’s increasing economy or progress or lesser corruption or no black money when the basic women citizens of the country are constantly at risk of getting molested or raped?! Isnt it much better to be a poorer but safer country?

Please please please educate your sons/boys to treat women with respect and firstly STOP discriminating between your sons and daughters.All of this has to start at home. Education (which is more important than charity) begins at home. Period.

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