New girl goes back to old city!

Yup…so to celebrate my first year anniversary of moving to new city (Read Kochi) i decided to take a 1 week break and visit my old city (Read Pune)!!

Yup and ofcourse the ever famous word ‘nostalgia’ hit me the moment i landed in Pune…the chilly weather as opposed to Kochi, the killing traffic, the wada pav-bhel stalls, the thought of meeting my bestie…etc etc… all of it hit me and how…

So attaching some pics taken mostly idhar udhar -(most of it is just food,food and more food)

View from my aunt’s flat balcony in Baner-

Amazing dinner at Playboy Beer Garden

My niece’s 2nd birthday

Panchgani,Mapro Garden,Tableland trip with bestie

Alma mater

Minus 18 degress munching

Deccan FC road chocolate toast, Vaishali restaurant

Dining at Arthur’s Theme

Cold stoned creamery icecream

Love,Luck n Joy,

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