New girl has arrived!

And started this blog exactly an yr back…happy first anniversary to my blog!

Adventures of Farji Farishta!

Yes the most weirdest thing I could possibly do is this- To start a blog about the dilemmas in my life 😦

So like how they say in IT companies, let me set the context-

I moved to Kochi !!!!(and imagine me saying this in the same way that kid in Karate Kid said- ‘WE MOVED TO CHINA!!!’)

Yes so i got a new job and decided to move bag and baggage to Kochi. Oh and i was in Maharashtra before this for 3 years and Trivandrum before that for 2 years…so basically the thing is that i am not new to Kerala because i am a MALLU! but i am new to Kochi! Hence came my brilliant idea to start a blog about the adventures(read ‘Trials and Tribulations’) I would face in this new city.

So Day 1,just moved in to a 3bhk and now staying with other stranger girls! Well…

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