Life as we know it

We come, we live and we go,
Its like a mechanical process.
When one goes another comes,
When one is bid farewell with painful tears and grief,
another bundle of joy erupts through a shortlived bittersweet pain.
What is constant in both is Pain…
There has to be an answer to this mystery of pain created by Him,
Maybe thats His way of reminding that its still His world and we are nothing but tenants in His house.
We think we have got it all sorted,Each one comes, grows, studies, works, marries, reproduces and then dies.
The choice and time of entering or exiting is not on us…
But what we have with us is what is in between
And He has given us That choice to do it anyway we like or wish.
Maybe there is no right or wrong way to live…Maybe we need to live the way we want to and when we meet a difficult point or a dead end….we improvise!

So Heres to us improvising in this short journey we know as ‘Life’!

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  1. Njanum kure alojichu.thettu cheyyadirikkan daiva vishwasam venemennilla.A moral value keeping atheist will do.alle?

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