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I dream of a life where i m free…free to do wat i want, wear wat i want,luk how i want and go where i want and with whomever i want…a life that is meaningful,enriching and filled with go to beaches n see the sun rise and set…to go to hilltops and breathe absorb very inch of wat this nature has got to give me…and to not worry if anyone is staring at me or whom i m vit or wat tym of the day it is…a life where girls are encouraged to be independent, to be outspoken, to be ambitious and to love passionately whomsoever they want…a life where gender, race, sex and religion are mere words…a life where there is noone to judge u….a life where u help others without thinking twice or even once…a life where u won’t b worried for ur child’s safety…a life where everyone is honest n real….and where fidelity means some thing…and a life where love is pure…where true love is practised and emulated and not just spoken of…i wish i get to live that life some day….yup some day!

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