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My Travel Diary #5

The next set of photos are the closest to my heart!
Yes beach pics! I am a beach bum!

Love the saltiness,the smell of the sand,the strong sunlight,the tiny shacks,the warm sweat,the tingling when the water meets ur toes…and what i love the most is the sinking feeling when the water recedes back from the crevices of ur feet…leaving behind a heavy emptiness! Yes i know i have mentioned this in an earlier post too…and ya its ok if u dont get it…but i know sumppl vil! 😊
I have been very lucky to be born in a state which has a lot of beaches!
So here u go…pics from all arnd- Kerala beaches- (Kovalam,Veli,Cherai,Fort Kochi),Goa, Konkan Area,Sri Lanka etc etc

And my fav…

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