Dont know when it started and when it will end…
Started vit ‘wailing’ at birth,bewildered probably as to where I have landed…cries for milk, attention, toys, love, air…those the cranky ones..
Then came the school agonies…the one cry in 3rd grade wen I spent a little more than allocated time at my frnd’s house,mom beat me black n blue…obviously worried tat I got lost,twas a foreign country after all…after wich she gave me my fav potato wafers to eat,those tears pouring out whilst eating….
Then bak in homeland I grew….high school…’constant’ sobs for the beatings for getting lesser marks than my classmates…
The ‘muffled bathroom’ crying in 6th grade when a creep tried to molest me in public transport bus…acting like a blind man vit those haunting dark glasses…havnt quite gotten ovr tat…
The ‘quiet’ tears on the train berth when I was forced to leave my favourite city after 10th grade….to settle in another unknown city near my native place….
The ‘scared to death’ crying in bed in the 11th grade…in hostel dormitory…scared of a pervert known to break in to the campus…
The’helpless’ cry when I lost a very dear frnd to bone cancer in the 12th grade
The ‘broken dreams’ crying after I failed to get a decent score in medicine entrance…which was a dream then…and mayb still….
The first tym I felt my heart break in colg wen sumone I liked told me he had liked another girl…n even went on to marry her many yrs later…wich I m glad he did…
The ‘let me now die lord’ cry wen a certain intestine ailment almost killed me with excruciating pain in my stomach….
The many tears when other so called ‘crushes’ n ‘friends’ came and left…
The point is….the ‘tears’…it never seems to end…!

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