Its been exactly 3 months and a fortnight since I moved here bag and baggage!
Ppl ask me- hows the new place, hows the new job and how are the new frnds??..
The thing is…….none of it has sunk in yet, i think i am in a state of denial!
it never happens to me…i am a person who accepts new challenges and like to permanently settle down with sumthing, atleast for a long duration- be it a job change, a place change or watever- yet this tym sumhow it feels very very temporary..hence the state of denial..
Maybe its the state of my mind…maybe its what i really want…to not make this permanent..but to make it temporary..then again i dont know why i wud want that..
its not like i have some plan in mind….but i strongly feel sumthing is coming…mayb gud or mayb bad…

ok i am beginning to sound crazy!  Tata!


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  1. Interesting to know what you have been doing in life. I am also from Kerala, in Pathnamthitta. Anand Bose.

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