1 month n 5 days down

So life is peaceful…atleast as of now…
Work is the same…IT work will always remain the same…just like how it was in ur previous organisation,it is in ur current organisation n how it will be in ur future organisation…IT wrk never changes!

So as I was coming bak home today,I got nostalgic…which I always do these days…but not about home or family or frnds etc…I suddenly went bak to the yr 2013…wen I went for a awesome trip with my bestie to Goa..!
The thing I remember the most is how satisfied I was after the trip…like I had achieved sumthing or gained som inner wisdom…!
It is simple…I luv beaches…so does my bestie…so obviously Goa was our first choice…but then we are the quiet beach lovers…n luckily for us…our hotel was very close to a small non commercial beach…
Unlike the so called ‘famous’ beaches of Goa-this one was a very small one…actually if u walked straight through the beach for 5 kms u wud reach Colva beach…but then we hated the crowded beaches n so this tiny lil stretch of beach was heaven to us…
The one thing I remember very clearly is how on one day we sat for hrs in this beach…just enjoying the breeze…we didn’t speak a word…for hrs but then it was like speaking to nature…we stood on the shore…and the waves wud come ,wet our feet n go…
You know that sinking feeling wen the waves wet our feet and then go bak? it pulls all the sand around you…from crevices of ur feet n u feel like u r drowning for a second or 2..like as if u cant hold on urself n nature wants to pull n carry u away vit it!…yes…I love n treasure tat feeling the most…That is the moment wen u feel u have no worries ,no tensions,no duties n no responsibilities…u feel one with the waves..

I tink I hav mentioned my love for beaches in som earlier post too…but today my memories went bak to that specific day…I tink it is another one of those moments tat I have treasured in my mind…its like a scene of a movie wich u like to watch again n again…

So incase u havent made ny trip which has a special treasured moment in ur mind…then ur trip mayb didnt serve the purpose…so u shud plan again n go get that treasured own memory for urself too…!!


And I go leaving behind a pic of tat ‘sinking’ feeling! tata!

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