One month down!!

No I havent decided to stop blogging…atleast not yet!
So new girl has been in the new city for about a month now…things are getting better…since I know more ppl at office…also I m kind of getting used to the work culture here wich is comparatively a lil laid back!!

Yes one thing tat has become an indispensable part of my life now is train journey…yes every weekend I go home…wich is about 2.5 hrs from Kochi!

The last weekend’s train journey was really one of a kind…it was the first time I was scared n excited at the same time!

So like I was saying every friday I go home n since its a friday the trains are crowded like hell.So last friday the train was late by an naturally the crowd became more…and so wen the train finally arrived…everyone just madly rushed to it…!
I being a newbie didnt entirely know tat the boogie tat I was lined to get into was the ladies coach…No …obviously I m a lady so tat wasnt the issue but then the crowd was double for ladies coach…nd since the stop is only a 2 min stop…everyone just pushed in like crazy..nd I was literally standing at the tip of the entrance door of the compartment…there was no place to move in or I cudnt move out either since the train started off quickly…nd then I decided to just stay there…!!
So there I was at the pedestal of the train entrance holding onto the 2 poles on the sides of the door for support..
.And u wont imagine but for an entire hr …I was in tat position…!!
it was so breezy n so risky…esp wen the train was on bridges….one luk down at the river wud make me giddy…I literally felt like I was toying with death…I know it was a bad decision n it is so dangerous to stand at the door like tat…but I didnt know wat else to do!!In between I felt my hands go numb n wanted to stop holding the poles…but I wud lose my balance if
I did tat…… So phew I sighed wen I reached my station after 2 hrs….

Now u know y I called it one of a kind!

Cya n stay safe!

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  1. That’s some crazy journey you had there!! I suggest it is safer to travel in the other coaches; just stick around with a family. Take care!

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