Day 13 at new office!

So like I said the other day,I almost lost the count of days….but then a very famous radiologist told me tat I shudnt forget the count since I was only getting started….! 🙂
So on the 13th day at new office,I m finally allocated a system….ya…finally!
so workwise things are goin ok(mayb) …oh one major update in my life is I have started cooking…! YES I SWEAR I M NOT JOKING! just tat everything tastes just okayish…which is better than it being burnt!Even the tea I make has a different taste every day…u know I once read a word- which meant ‘the fear of serving bad tea to others’…well tats exactly wat I suffer from…shud remember tat word again…!

So the weekend was peaceful…although I had initially decided to explore a bit…but since my frnd(who like I told in my earlier blogs is my only frnd here),well she went to her native place in palakkad…so ya I was kind of alone….

But then…I went to this ayurveda hospital…Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala…in Thrikakkara,Kochi itself.the reason I went there was coz my mom is undergoing some treatment there for her leg pain.She is doing gud n the treatment consists of some sort of massages everyday with some medicinal oils which really helps reduce the leg swelling n pain.

So well I was so mesmerised by that place…it was a gud setup…nice gud rooms for ppl to stay,gud hospital campus,gud canteen,fullon greenery around…so peaceful!
I saw so many foreigners there…my mom was saying how young ppl too had come for the treatment and all.I have half a mind to go for it myself.

And then there in the midst of it all I saw a young guy..he luked 25-30ish…he luked all typical guyish vit track pants n cool hairstyle n all..I thot he was alone n may have come for som sort of treatment there…nd then after some time…I saw him walking arnd the campus with a frail luking lady on his side.I am assuming tats his mother…but the way he walked vit her touched my heart…it was almost like how some young couples walk hand in hand…he was even gesturing to some plants there n explaining stuff to her animatedly…she seemed so frail n weak…but so at content n peace vit her son…
its later I understood tat he has come as a bystander for her treatment there…well obviously I wudnt see him again in my life…but heres wishing his mom a speedy recovery n heres wishing him…all blessings to his gud soul.

That picture of him smiling n walking hand in hand vit her is etched in my memory! 🙂

c u guys soon……b kind to ur elderly always!!

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