Day…(Well i have really lost the count now)

So approximately 2 weeks in Kochi 🙂 well last couple of days i cudnt blog coz i had gone home..ya home as in my real home, my native place 🙂 we have a humble home there and my parents now live there (ex NRIs)  ! ya tats one gud thing about living in Kochi…my real home is 2 hrs away by train.

Speaking of train…i think i was travelling by train after a span of some 4-5 yrs…and it sure felt gud……i think the best ‘side seat’ experience belongs to the train wen compared to all other modes of commuting- and no i dont mean the ac compartments, i mean the normal sleeper class ones..u see all kinds of ppl in a train…and i luv luking at everyone’s expressions….the vendors tirelessly, incessantly calling out..the colg kids engrossed in grp chatter..the ladies complaining about their life and the cooking they need to do for their husbands…etc etc…

The sound of the rails which seems rhythmic while travelling…the peculiar smell of the train…and the breeze which enters ur hair leaving a tornado like situation in ur head ..and the chai u get in the train!!!!!!…dont know y but the only tea i like is the irctc pantry one…sumthing very very different about it….

so ya i experienced all these beautiful moments n treasured them on my trip to home this week.i ate like a gluttonous monster at home…visited the nearby churches..and before i knew it the weekend passed by..

well i am bak in Kochi now n this weekend i will be here itself so plan to explore the city a lil bit.

hmm but i feel a lil friendless here……… ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, i feel ‘Friendless in Kochi’ 🙂


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  1. You will soon find a peer group to have fun with in Kochi! I always enjoyed my travel in the train. I did my graduate studies in Manipal. So was used to the long sleeper compartment journeys back home. Observing other people lends a lot of insight, especially on a public transport like the rail in Kerala. People from all walks of life. Keep writing and don’t forget the day count; you have just begun 🙂

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