Yes…i am alive….n btw it Day 6

hmmm..ya so i disappeared….:) tats wat i do all the time…every new blog i start..i am not able to keep up with it…ya so i m sorry dear blog 🙂

Well new girl has been upset…its a new place…plus new surroundings…and now on day 6 at office is wen i really feel it….Thats when it really starts to sink in…..but i will live 🙂

Ya so coming back to my life, last weekend coincidently my first one in Kochi too, was gud..spent the day at my frnd’s place.yea this frnd was my roommate in colg hostel during my engg days for 4 long yrs and now she is doing her phd here…aint that cool? and everytym we meet we remember those colg hostel days from the weird wardens to the food there to all the other hostelmates etc etc

so she showed a little of kochi….to be precise..we went to boat jetty and tuk the ferry till fort kochi!!!!!….oh the ferry trip was so gud..i felt like a kid again..mesmerised by the beauty of the waves arnd me..we roamed arnd there a bit..went to the beach..which wasnt very clean but very breezy and cool.

i have always loved beaches..whether the soft waves of Benaulim beach in Goa or watching the hurried waves of the Arabian Sea hit the Gateway of India in Bombay…or the quiet waters in Konkan area…or the muddy water of Shangumugham beach in Tvm…or the rough waves of Colombo in Sri Lanka…i always always remember the waves 🙂

ya so Sunday went well and ended with me goin to a famous St.Anthony’s church in Kaloor. And i prayed that the miracle worker wud help me out of all my dilemmas..

Wrk life is goin slow but goin on..see u soon!

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