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Day 3 hmmmmm….

Have i told u the size of the mosquitoes in Kochi? No?! Well they are the size of elephants and NO i m not exaggerating. They scared the living daylights out of me! and since then the ‘Gud Knight’ machine is now running 24/7 in my room…

And the heat- its bad but i have seen worse!

Oh yes coming bak to was my official first day at work and we had to attend a couple of sessions…the highlight of the day was we got ‘Free Lunch’ cheap i sound 🙂

Ya so the introductory sessions are gona go on for another day too tomm and on friday i am required to join my project folks. Although its a new project and new ppl..i am sure its gona b a whole lot of wrk and sumthing inside me wants to not even move ahead..but i need to and i have to ! i just hope i like wat is there in store for me…

And no I havent started any official cooking..not like i know any…..but thank God for hotels till then 🙂

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